Becoming a Managed Wi-Fi Service Provider

In the world of Managed Service Providers, the focus is becoming increasingly broad. From on-site desktop support, access control, Office 365 Tennant, and Active Directory Management and now adding into the mix, Enterprise Wi-Fi solutions.

What should you be looking for in a Managed Enterprise Wi-Fi Solution?

A worthy Managed Wi-Fi Solution needs to offer the following benefits:

  • Central Management Platform – whether cloud or on-premises: This might be down to personal preference, but a central, single management platform where the configuration of the WLANs can be done prior to the installation of the Access Points.
  • Simple onboarding of the devices: The configuration is done on the management platform and onboarding the devices need to be simple and effective.
  • Guest Access and Captive Portals: Easy to configure guest networks and captive portals for customers connecting to the guest network that supports multiple ways of authentication from voucher-based authentication to social media login.
  • Intuitive and proactive reporting: Reporting on minor and major incidents as and when they occur within the WLAN.
  • Upgrading access points:  easy to create software upgrades for WLAN access points and automatic rollback on Job failures.

These are a few of the benefits mentioned for a managed Wi-Fi solution, and Hudaco Kenya, in conjunction with Cambium Networks offers all of these and more in the form of their cnPilot Wi-Fi solution.

The cnMaestro management platform can be installed on-premises or remain cloud-based and is free to use. With the Enterprise Wi-Fi account on cnMaestro, service providers can create WLANs, network configurations, add VLAN tags for network segregation, create guest networks and link to the built-in captive portal and create AP groups for single to multiple site allocation, all while the access points remain in their box.

Once the configuration of the site has been done, you simply onboard the access points using the serial number on the device, power up, and provide internet to the device. The access point will automatically get notified of the cnMaestro account and be onboarded.

With the latest edition of the cnMaestro X account, it allows for additional features specifically for Managed Wi-Fi Service providers:

  1. MSP Dashboard: MSPs can differentiate their brand to address specific sub-markets in their service area. They can create local admin users for their customers with limited functionality.
  2. APIs and Webhooks:  Restful APIs and Webhooks for integration with existing Operation Support and or Business Support systems and event monitoring. 
  3. Long-Term historical data: 1-year data retention for Enterprise Wi-Fi and IIoT devices.
  4. Support: Support for Software-Defined Radios (SDR) on XV3-8 Wi-Fi 6 Access Points.

Migrating your customers from their existing Wi-Fi deployments to Cambium Networks and cnMaestro has never been easier. 

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