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Dell Networking X-Series Smart Managed Switches
April 08, 2021
The Dell Networking X-Series Smart Managed Switches are 1/10GbE switches with an intuitive GUI designed to optimize cloud and onsite network applications. Main Features: 
Fibre is a great way of building lightning-fast networks, but with different types of fibre technology on the market, it’s important to understand the differences before you make a selection. Learn about the different types of fibre technology available from Hudaco Kenya and their pros and cons.
Are you choosing the right technology for your fibre deployments?
April 07, 2021
In the simplest possible terms, fibre optic technology uses light to transmit data from one point in your network to another.
Hudaco Portfolio
December 17, 2020
Hudaco Industries is a South African group specialising in importing and distributing high-quality branded automotive, industrial and electrical consumable products, mainly in the Sub-Sahara African region.
Hudaco`s Joseph Grieveson facilities an services
December 15, 2020
Our well-established production facilities will satisfy the most exacting industrial requirements Non-Ferrous Castings We are predominately a Jobbing Foundry that specialises in small to medium runs.  We excel in breakdown work with quick turnaround times.  
Hudaco Group- adding value in niche markets
December 15, 2020
Our History Founded in 1891 - by Hubert Davies, a Consulting Electrical Engineer, to supply electrical and mechanical industrial equipment to the mining industry In 1917 - was converted into a private company, which facilitated introduction of Senior managers as shareho
Hudaco`s Joseph Grieveson product offering
December 15, 2020
We service a wide variety of markets across Sub-Sahara Africa: AGRICULTURAL INDUSTRY We manufacture castings for tractor hooks, bugle eyes, bogie wheels and crown wheels. BOILER INDUSTRY We supply spares to the boiler industry, such as grate bars.
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