Driven by quality; Delivered by experience are the core pillars of Hudaco (Hose, Valves, and Fittings business unit), a company renowned for leading the way in manufacturing and supplying a range of superior thermoplastic pipe fittings, valves, and pipeline accessories as well as PVC hoses. Hudaco product offerings are suited to a range of applications irrespective of the magnitude or constraints of a project. Our product solutions are constantly evolving to ensure they are in accordance with the changes and developments in the industry. Our product offering is segmented as follows:

  1. PVC Mining Hose: Manufactured with virgin materials PVC mining hose is used to convey water and air to heavy-duty mining equipment.
  2. Fire Reel Hose: As the name suggests this specific hose is used in the fire fighting industry and is locally manufactured using high quality locally sourced raw materials. The Fire Reel Hose is easily identifiable by its distinct red colour and ribbed outer cove. 
  3. Dragline Hose: Servicing the agricultural and irrigation markets. Dragline hose is a durable high-quality hose locally manufactured using locally sourced raw materials.
  4. Anti-Static Hose: Critical to the mining industry the anti-static hose is used to convey water and air to heavy-duty mining equipment. A durable hose, it is easily identified by its yellow exterior and black inner liner which is the anti-static material.
  5. Rock Drill Hose: Well suited to harsh conditions, the rock drill hose is used to convey water and air. This hose is locally produced using locally sourced virgin raw materials.
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